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How to Pray

Reinvigorate your prayer life! Use the simple acrostic P-R-A-Y as the blueprint for an effective and fulfilling prayer life.

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What happens when YOU pray? Do your prayers come with answers, or does it feel like God is silent?
Your prayers can have an impact! You can hear from God in prayer!

In Bayless Conley’s easy-to-read booklet, How to Pray you’ll learn how to have an effective prayer life.

Often, we simply skip over the step of inviting God into our lives through prayer. But God wants to connect with you!

In How to Pray, you’ll discover that God desires to not just hear from you but to speak to you. You’ll understand that prayer is essential to living a victorious life and exactly how to make your prayer life a consistent and dynamic part of your relationship with God.

How to Pray will challenge you to focus on God, listen to what He is saying, and then yield to His desires for your life.


How to Pray is available as booklet or audio book on CD.

Author: Bayless Conley
English, 48 pages, booklet